Crisis Communications

Don't wait for a crisis to prepare a crisis communication response. Campbell Health Media can work with your executive team to anticipate and plan for a strategic communication response. We can work with your organization to identify a communications team, a spokesperson – or act as your spokesperson – and prepare your response over the course of days or weeks. We can move in quickly, help you anticipate media questions, and help you communicate your position.

As news is a 24/7 cycle, so should your crisis communications plan. To move forward, Campbell Health Media will:

  • Meet with your executive team and staff to better understand how you communicate internally and externally.
  • Develop a written plan - to be updated quarterly - that establishes specific protocols in case of an emergency. For example, it identifies who are "approved" spokespeople, and provides direction for others to refer media questions to those spokespeople.
  • Provide training for how the plan should be implemented, and running a simulation to ensure the plan is logical and can be easily implemented.
  • Maintain the plan as a breathing document, updating it accordingly with new contact phones numbers and email addresses, ensuring it is always updated in case of crisis.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Campbell Health Media

"The public relations experts at Campbell Health Media use their insider's knowledge as veteran journalists to promote our mission on radio, television, newspapers and on the web. They are enthusiastic and valuable members of our team."

Joseph P. Roth
Executive Director
New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network

"I know Carol Ann Campbell from her years as a health care journalist, and today she helps us communicate complex health policy to the public with clarity and precision. She communicates in our "voice" and translates our message into actionable mission. She engages emotions and motivates change. Finally, Carol Ann is a communication problem solver and trusted advisor."

David Knowlton
New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute

"Campbell Health Media understands health care policy and how today's news media really works. They have been highly effective in helping our organization get its message to the public."

David Oscar
Past President
New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters