Web Samples

Web Strategies

Campbell Health Media believes your web site is your new front lobby. It should be clean, lively and informative and serve as the hub of your internet presence, which should also include social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The social media presence is designed to drive traffic back to your web site.

Our sites are built on a powerful content management system. That means the site can easily expand as your needs grow. It also means that with a little bit of training, you can easily update your site so it stays fresh.

Even if you upgraded your site a few years ago, the technology has changed so much that your site is probably already out of date.

A good web site also requires good writing. We can help you connect to readers through lively bios of your top staff and headlines and news sites that sing. Take a look at some sample websites and notice how social media is integrated into each site.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Campbell Health Media

"The public relations experts at Campbell Health Media use their insider's knowledge as veteran journalists to promote our mission on radio, television, newspapers and on the web. They are enthusiastic and valuable members of our team."

Joseph P. Roth
Executive Director
New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network

"I know Carol Ann Campbell from her years as a health care journalist, and today she helps us communicate complex health policy to the public with clarity and precision. She communicates in our "voice" and translates our message into actionable mission. She engages emotions and motivates change. Finally, Carol Ann is a communication problem solver and trusted advisor."

David Knowlton
New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute

"Campbell Health Media understands health care policy and how today's news media really works. They have been highly effective in helping our organization get its message to the public."

David Oscar
Past President
New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters